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Annual Dinner

I would like to participate in this year's Project Ezrah Dinner Reception
Saturday, December 14, 2019, 8:00 PM at Congregation Keter Torah

To ensure placement in the scroll of honor, your response must be received by December 2, 2019.

Please indicate in whose honor this generous contribution is being made

Ezrah Awardees:
Rabbi Akiva Block
Jackie and Dr. Saul Bodenheimer
Aliza and Aharon Fischman
Dr. Dana and Erik Kessler
Lauren and Rabbi Eitan Lipstein
Meital and Howard Teitelman

Please list me in the category noted below

Founder $50,000 Chai Supporter $1,800
Chai Guardian $36,000 Supporter $1,000
Guardian $25,000 Chai Sponsor $540
Chai Builder $18,000 Sponsor $360*
Builder $10,000 Young Leadership $180**
Chai Benefactor $5,400
Benefactor $3,600 Ezrah $
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* Donations in the Sponsor $360 listing and above include two tickets to the dinner
** $180 per young leadership couple (Under 35) also includes two complimentary tickets to dinner

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